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Jocelyn Parlee

Jocelyn Parlee

Jeff Scott Gray

Jeff Scott Gray


 Combining the diverse talents and backgrounds of Jocelyn Parlee and Jeff Scott Gray, JJ ROOTS music can rarely be categorized. It's been described by industry professionals and fans as Fresh, Innovative, and Exciting!   

Since their CD Launch in April, 2018, JJ ROOTS has exploded on the East Coast music scene and shows no sign of slowing down as they continue to grow a committed fanbase as well as adding dates by popular demand to their 2018/19 "Boxcars & Memoirs" tour!  

It has been said that folk performers, using simply their voices and guitars, are the unplugged artists who relate collective stories through their songs. The ROOTS of this genre are in traditional music, but it is by no means all traditional. This epitomizes JJ ROOTS. 

Known for their energetic yet subtle live performances, JJ ROOTS showcases the music that influences them and shares their unique, infectious, original songs. This dynamic duo entertains and engages audiences with their colorful musical story telling and poignant melodies.  

Drawing upon both of their musical backgrounds, Jocelyn's Country/Folk/Classical and Jeff's Folk/Rock, the JJ ROOTS sound has sweet melodies, sharp edges and meaningful lyrics.      

 As a result, the JJ ROOTS writing style bridges genres with crafted lyrics that evoke deep thought and feeling in the listener. Through their songwriting, JJ ROOTS conveys universal truths in their passionate performances.

Jocelyn Parlee & Jeff Scott Gray, as  JJ ROOTS, currently received 5 Nominations at the 2018 Josie International Music Awards, and are proud to have WON Overall Folk/Americana Duo/Group Of The Year!  JJ ROOTS was one of only three Canadian acts selected as winners in this prestigious international independent music awards event from all of the nominations across Canada! 

Performing as JJ ROOTS, Jocelyn & Jeff continue to showcase their original music including their unique covers in their 2018/19 "Boxcars & Memoirs Tour" and are growing a media presence and fan base in Canada, USA, UK, AUS, and beyond. 

Check out what fans are saying about JJ ROOTS on their Facebook page and the website Fan Reviews page! 

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Jocelyn Parlee

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Jocelyn spent much of her youth in orchestra pits! She battled it out for 1st string positions and enjoyed playing and connecting with the beautiful violin pieces of her favorite composers.

Jocelyn would then return home, where her artistically gifted mother filled life with the colorful and soulful tapestries of musical storytelling legends such as Cohen, Cash, Kristofferson, Dylan, as well as an ever growing list of vocalists that exceeded all musical genres and boundaries.

THIS was the fertile ground where Jocelyn's musical ROOTS took hold!

Jocelyn continued throughout life to develop a skillset that included multiple instruments, songwriting, and poetry. She pushed her creative boundaries further to include writing, directing, and producing sold out comedy theatre productions!

At the heart of Jocelyn's inner passion to develop her own unique vocals, were the legendary influences of female vocalists from Patsy Cline to Aretha Franklin, to today's incredible artists like Adel and Carrie Underwood.  It's in these unique vocal goddesses, that Jocelyn is driven to develop a natural tone of a velvet laden powerful range, that can lift you up to the heavens or resonate into the deepest part of a soul. The goal is to always be the voice of emotion within the song to connect the audience,

“ To be as one, simultaneously with the song and the audience, is to be whole as an artist...”                 Jocelyn Parlee

In September of 2017, after returning from the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, Jocelyn joined forces with friend and co writer Jeff Scott Gray, to form the performance duo JJ ROOTS

"Singing & Songwriting has always been a passion for me that began as a child.  I believe my life's musical journey has led me to this pivotal moment in joining forces with Jeff . We are proudly creating songs in a uniquely blended sound of textures and emotion, weaving together a tapestry of genres..."                                                                      Jocelyn Parlee


Jeff Scott Gray

Known for his diverse and powerful guitar showmanship, Jeff was born in San Diego and spent his formative musical years in Alabama and Massachusetts listening and learning from the music of Motown and Sly and the Family Stone. These early roots were shaken when Jeff discovered rock through The Edgar Winter Group and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Jeff's passion really took off after discovering the infectious riff rock and theatrical performances of KISS inspiring him to play guitar! Over the years he continuously returned to these influences following the likes of Alice Cooper, Metallica, Rush, Slipknot and even Marilyn Manson!

Jeff's musical journey is unusual in that he spent his professional career as a bank executive while maintaining his official garage band superstar status!

After years of honing his skills, and now inspired by the amazing talents of Tommy Emmanuel, Jeff has recently taken on the monumental task of becoming a world class finger picker. 

It is in this environment, that Jeff is thrilled to have teamed up with the super talented Jocelyn Parlee to form the performance duo JJ ROOTS!

"It is clear to me that my life's musical journey has been preparing me for this shining moment partnering with Jocelyn. Every sliver of my Rock, Metal and  Acoustic roots are coming into their own with our music..."    Jeff Scott Gray