A Special Farewell Concert to 2022 Boxcars & Memoirs Tour Fall Series!

On the heels of their newly released album, Jeff & Jocelyn continue to surprise and delight audiences with an impactful show that's filled with beautiful melodies and memorable moments that has everyone feeling a sense of "EUPHORIA"...

This last leg on the 2022 Boxcars & Memoirs Fall Concert line has JJ ROOTS inviting you to the beautiful state-of the-art Peggy Corkum MUSIC ROOM Concert Hall on November 19th!

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, The Music Room offers one of the finest spaces in Canada, It’s a looker! Winner of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Architecture, The Music Room combines elegant wood finishings with an eye-catching industrial aesthetic that was built for maxim enjoyment of acoustic music.

This is sure to be a special experience, so get those tickets punched early ROOTers.

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